Clerk Records

The Walton County Clerk of Courts and Comptroller maintains a wide range of records. Many public records are now available online through the Clerk’s website.  Click the following links to gain free, 24/7, access to the respective records.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response to a public records request within 3 business days, kindly contact the Walton County Clerk’s RMLO, via email at or by phone at (850) 892-8115 ext 7042.


 Court Related

Access to electronic court records is governed and approved by the Florida Supreme Court via the “Access Security Matrix.” The “Matrix” governs the level of electronic access to records based upon user roles and applicable court rules, statutes, and administrative policies. To search online court records use the below link.
If you are unable to locate the desired record online, pursuant to the Rules of Court, request for access to judicial branch records must be in writing and be directed to the records custodian.  The request shall provide sufficient specificity to enable the custodian to identify the requested records. The custodian shall determine whether the record or portions of the record are exempt from disclosure and the format in which the record is provided.  If the record is denied, the custodian shall state in writing the basis for the denial. For your convenience, you may utilize the Court Document Request/View Form for records that are unavailable online.

Court Transcripts

Court transcripts are available from the First Judicial Circuit. To order a copy visit the First Judicial Circuit of Florida’s Court Reporting page by clicking here.

Attorney/Registered User Login for Court Records

Users may request a free secure access subscription service by completing a Walton County Access Agreement and submitting the notarized agreement to the address provided on the agreement. 

 Service Charges

For a full list of court fees and service charges, see our Courts Fee Schedule.

Pursuant to Florida Statute 28.24

The clerk of the circuit court shall charge for services rendered manually or electronically by the clerk’s office in recording documents and instruments and in performing other specified duties. These charges may not exceed those specified in this section, except as provided in Florida Statute 28.345. 

Pursuant to Florida Statute 119.07(4)(d)
If the records you are requesting require extensive technology, clerical or supervisory assistance, additional service charges may apply and you will be provided with a written detailed estimate of all applicable service charges along with an estimated completion date. Pre-payment of estimated service charges are required before work begins; however, should the deposited amount exceed our written estimate, the difference will be refunded to you within 10 business days.  Should the scope of the record request change resulting in additional fees, you will be notified in writing before work continues beyond the money held on deposit.

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