DR 485WI         Petition Withdrawl Request R. 01/17

*DR 486            Petition to VAB - Request for Hearing R. 11/23

DR 486A           Written Authorization for Representation Eff. 01/17

DR 486DP        Tax Deferral or Penalties R. 01/17

DR 486MU        Attachment to multiple Parcels and Accounts R. 06/22

DR 486POA      Power of Attorney Representation R. 12/20

*DR 486PORT  Transfer Homestead Assessment Difference R. 04/18

DR 486XCO      Cross-County Notice of Appeal & Petition transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference R.12/09


*Please note Forms DR 486 & DR 486PORT require Florida Statute 194.041 to be adhered to.

Important Information About Required Payments Before The Tax Delinquency Date To Avoid Denial Of Your Petition


Additional Forms can be found at the Department of Revenue's website.

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