Florida Administrative Code Rule Chapter 12D-9

Requirements for Value Adjustment Boards in Administrative Reviews; Uniform Rules of Procedure for Hearings Before Value Adjustment Boards

Florida Administrative Code Rule Chapter 12D-10

Value Adjustment Board

Property Tax Rules

Reference Materials, including Guidelines

This document includes a taxpayer brochure, checklists, and links to:

  • The Department's training for value adjustment boards and special magistrates
  • Guidelines for Real Property Appraisal, Tangible Personal Property Appraisal, and Classified Use Valuation Guidelines for Agricultural Property
  • Florida Attorney General Opinions, Government in the Sunshine Manual, PTO Bulletins and Advisements, and other reference materials

Other Legal Resources, including Statutory Criteria

This document includes provisions of law that are substantive criteria for the production of original assessments, including exemptions, classifications, and deferrals.


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